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Revisiting the Medtronic Enlite CGM Sensor

A couple months ago, I wrote about my frustration with the Medtronic Enlite CGM sensor. It was the follow up to my first impressions post, which was actually my view four months in. Those dispatches, along with the one about … Continue reading

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How to Pack a Bike for Shipment

I got my bike back from California this week. JDRF takes care of assembling, disassembling, and packing bikes for all of the riders. It’s a huge undertaking, and the folks from Third Coast Cycles do a great job. Whenever I … Continue reading

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For unknown reasons the high school pool is closed until further notice. People who swam there while I was on vacation said it was especially chilly recently, indicating that perhaps the heater was broken. Maybe it will open in September. … Continue reading

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Random bits of Kona

I talk to myself a fair bit when I’m training. Usually it’s happy, encouraging talk to get me through a tough spot. (Or it’s just ridiculous nonsense that pops into my brain to crack me up until I get sick … Continue reading

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Swimming to a Better Place

After years of doubting and denying it, it’s time to fess up: I’m pretty OK at swimming. Sure, I can find lots of aspects about my technique and speed that I wouldn’t mind improving. Bilateral breathing and flip turns? Still … Continue reading

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Bike from Work

Here’s a follow up to my bike to work post. It turns out that traffic is a lot lighter at 6:00 in the morning than at 4:30 in the afternoon. While it is interesting to travel faster than cars on … Continue reading

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Bike to Work

It may surprise many of you that I have never biked to work. The thought had occurred to me, but I always had two main objections. (1) Cycling is supposed to be fun and purpose-free. If I’m going to work, … Continue reading

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Medtronic Minimed Enlite Sensor

I promised myself that I would post about the Minimed Enlite continuous glucose monitor sensor. It’s taken longer than I expected, because I wanted to make sure that I was being as fair as possible. Let’s start with a picture. … Continue reading

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Slipping into Spring

“Jeff Mather, you are an idiot, and you’re compounding your idiocy with lunacy! Why don’t you just turn around now?” I had a point. There was nothing good to be gained by continuing to run down this flooded, icy trail—the … Continue reading

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Jet Lag and Swimming Anxiety… Saturday 5:30AM

It’s a bit after 5:30 on Saturday morning as I type this by tapping away on my phone’s little keyboard. Jet-lag has been working its power over me for the last hour and a half. Its mojo is strong this … Continue reading

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Shenanigans… Or the one about falling down

A year ago I took a couple of cross-country ski lessons. It had been over twenty years since I skied in high school, and I was never really good at it. Nevertheless, I figured that I could just jump back … Continue reading

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Diet Coke

I started using the Medtronic Minimed Enlite sensor about 10 days ago, and I have plenty to write about it. And I’ll do that soon. For now, I’ll just tease y’all and say my reaction so far is better than … Continue reading

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Flip Flip Flip Flip… Wednesday, 6:00AM

Before I left the house I decided that today was going to be a “screw around” day at the pool. My plan is to start some structured base training in January, and until then I’m going to enjoy myself (the … Continue reading

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Crêpes Rock!

Things I learned this evening: Cooking crêpes is not that hard. It’s true that the first one was a little small, and that none of the other three were completely round. But they were delicious. They weren’t perfect, but neither … Continue reading

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Tu oso bebe cerveza

You might remember that I started to learn Spanish last fall. That went pretty well, but I knew at the end of those ten weeks that my knowledge was still very basic. Now, almost a year later, I’ve restarted my … Continue reading

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