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All that is old is new again

I started photographing almost 30 years ago with my mother’s old film camera. (Once upon a time, all cameras used film, kids.) Not long after I started, I switched to slide film. I loved making those little 35mm gems, arranging … Continue reading

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Namaste, part deux

If I post here again, while anyone notice? Kindly leave a comment if you pass by this way. Thanks!

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Not Dead

This blog . . . It’s still here. So much has happened over the last (gosh!) five nine months. Let’s get caught up shall we?

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The D.O.C. Needs a Dark, Brooding, Imperfect, Badass-Wannabe Like Me

You may have noticed that I don’t write quite so much about diabetes here as I used to. (About my diabetes, that is.) If you and I are friends on the The Facebook, you might have also noticed that I … Continue reading

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The End of the World as We Know It

Evidently the 22nd of last month was the end of the world as we knew it . . . if by “we” we mean “the comments.” I’m sure that’s what the Mayans had in mind. Very far-sighted, those Mayans. For some reason, comment … Continue reading

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Back from the Break

I had so many hopes for posting new dispatches here during the ridiculously awesomely long break from work between the 21st and the New Year. In fact, I had a huge list of topics to write about and a few … Continue reading

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Not Dead

Hey, everybody! Sorry to keep you waiting for something new and interesting from me to read. (Assuming you ever find them interesting.) There are about a million things going on that I could tell you about, but I’m having trouble … Continue reading

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Look over HERE!

Hey everybody! I’m not sure why Google Reader isn’t picking up my post from last night with our pictures from Barcelona, but it’s not. If you use Google Reader to figure out when I’ve posted, just thought you’d want to … Continue reading

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Closing the Books on November

Here we are: November 30th. The last day of November. The last day of post-something-everyday month. I feel this year’s NaBloPoMo has gone better than last year’s, and I’m thinking about some possible tweaks for next year. Maybe I will … Continue reading

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About Last Thursday’s Post

The fact that I feel the need to explain last Thursday’s post probably says more about me than I want it to, but—even knowing that’s the case—here I am anyway. Last Thursday, the first day of September, kinda got to … Continue reading

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Be Right Back

Hey, loyal readers! The Tour de France is over, which means three things: Congratulations to Cadel Evans. I was kind of pulling for Andy Schleck at the outset, but then Thomas Voeckler won me over, and I was sad to … Continue reading

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Diabetes Blog Week, Part Two

OMG! It’s coming. You’ve all been warned.

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Finally, A New Layout

Well, that took forever to do, but I finally updated this here weblog thing to have a nicer layout and more modern WordPress installation. You’re welcome. And in one evening, I checked off five items from my 101 Things in … Continue reading

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I need to write here more often. If only I had more time to read about diabetes, photography, and history; make progress on my fiction reading list; study Hindi; read the newspaper; go running, swimming, bicycling, snowshoeing, and skiing; watch … Continue reading

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30 Days of Posts (and iPod/iPhone Apps, too!)

I just wasn’t feeling “National” Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) this year. Last November I think everything came together: I had just started setting free my thoughts about diabetes, and I was just getting back into the swing of writing here. … Continue reading

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