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Hurry, Christmas! Don’t Be Late!

I’ve been laboring all week under the impression that it’s the last day of the workweek. I actually awoke Tuesday morning when the alarm went off wondering (a) “Why is the alarm going off?” and (b) “Is today Saturday or … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Running Picture

This photograph of Jenny Barringer Simpson winning the women’s 1500m world championship in Daegu, South Korea, is my new, all-time favorite. I’m going to cut it out and put it next to the treadmill. Maybe it will help me get … Continue reading

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Photos from the Trip

Whew! There were a lot of photos to go through. Here are my favorites. Click on any thumbnail for a larger version.

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West Newton Cinema Opening

Today was the opening of the Newton Camera Club’s exhibit at the West Newton Cinema. It’s been several years since I exhibited publicly – I think it was at Grinnell in 2006 — and I feel that this year’s show … Continue reading

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Salt – Lake Eyre by Murray Fredericks

On the return flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, I watched a lot of television and film: “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” “Invictus,” “Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos,” etc. Two documentaries really stuck in my mind, though. I have … Continue reading

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Sunil Gupta talks about Mr. Malhotra’s Party at Tate Modern

I haven’t done much with my perhaps overly ambitious project to examine contemporary Indian art photography. Last year on a short trip to the time-warp Iowa, I collected some notes on the many photographs I found on the web. And … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations

I’ve been reading a lot. That’s the benefit, I guess, of only having one class last semester. And I want to share with you some recommendations. But before that, here’s a simple request. Currently I’m between books and having a … Continue reading

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Snapshot #1: San Jose Museum of Art

This dispatch innaugurates an occasional series of cross-sections through contemporary photography, which is far too broad to tackle as a whole — though I tried a couple years ago for a presentation. Because I’m lazy busy and inherently unfocused, I’m … Continue reading

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Me Gusta Tacos y Burritos

I’m full. Sated. Happy. Fish tacos, my friends. That’s what has brought me to this wonderful place. Batter-fried fish on corn tortillas with salsa, finely cut cabbage, and some secret ingredient that Rubio’s puts in their “Pesky” tacos. With tortilla … Continue reading

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Andrea Robbins and Max Becher

Everything worked out fine in my schedule, and I was able to get into Boston to attend the PRC lecture given by Max Becher and Andrea Robbins. I’m so glad that I was able to go. I really liked their … Continue reading

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Photobook Club

I’m just throwing this proposal out there and hoping someone has an idea or two of how to achieve my goal. So please reply. I like photobooks. Monographs, surveys, collections, criticism . . . it doesn’t matter. I like reading … Continue reading

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Camera Indica

Another trip, another delayed flight. It did give me several extra hours to read the first half of Camera Indica: The Social Life of Indian Photographs. It’s an interesting book, this socio-historical examination of the imperial and indigenous uses of … Continue reading

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Act Now: Taryn Simon

Quick! Go see Charlie Rose interview photographer Taryn Simon. It’s free for just a bit longer. (Or you can “buy” it for less than one American dollar.) She talks about her new project/book, An American Index of the Hidden and … Continue reading

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Fifteen is an eternity in photography years

Richard Misrach – Stranded Rowboat, Salton Sea (1983) No time to write seriously about anything. No time even for complete sentences. . . . But I thought y’all might be vaguely interested in a short note about the here-today-gone-tomorrow nature … Continue reading

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Black and White v. Color Photography

The hyperbolic, carefully controlled, museum- and gallery-specific versions of photography, in which every prop and gesture can be attributed to the artist’s direction, have been the most pronounced arrivals in the art world. If you are, like me, schooled in … Continue reading

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