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In the summer of 2002, Lisa and I went to a wedding in southern California. Afterward, we headed inland and north for a week in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. It was wicked hot in the lowlands, but it … Continue reading

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Portrait, Lincoln, California, 2005

This is one of my favorite portraits.

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Tewksbury, Mass., 2006

Several years ago I was working on my High Tension and Commonwealth projects. This is one of the fun discoveries I had in Tewksbury.

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All that is old is new again

I started photographing almost 30 years ago with my mother’s old film camera. (Once upon a time, all cameras used film, kids.) Not long after I started, I switched to slide film. I loved making those little 35mm gems, arranging … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

It’s going to take me a while to get through all of the photos from our trip, but I thought I’d give you the big picture, so to speak. Here are eleven panoramas from different parts of our Patagonian adventure. … Continue reading

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Hey, y’all. Sorry to be absent recently. I’ve been pretty busy with work. Part of that led me to La ville de Québec, where I attended IEEE’s International Conference on Image Processing. That was fun! I had a few goals: … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon 2015

Monday was the Boston Marathon, and for the first time I was at the finish line in Boston. My cousin from Wisconsin qualified for Boston and stayed at our house on marathon weekend. Sunday, we all went to the expo—which … Continue reading

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2014 Boston Marathon in Pictures

It was a beautiful day to watch the marathon—our first real spring day—and it was a fantastic race. There was so much excitement in the crowd at Natick Common—which was bigger than usual—and then (back at my desk) watching Meb … Continue reading

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How Sweet Are You?

I was inspired by Scully’s post that showed a unit of insulin in relation to a bunch of different things, like a nickel, a staple, and a LEGO man. (It’s pretty cool. You should be sure to go look at … Continue reading

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The Quabbin: Now with 50% more hills!

Scully came to visit last weekend for what will hopefully be a regular fixture in the year: the big summer bike ride. It was great! Last year, we rode around Cayuga Lake with Andy. This year, we decided to ride … Continue reading

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The Unbearding, Part 1 (and caption contest)

In a few days the beard will be all gone—it will just be too warm for racing—but today I can live my dream of going “Full Amish.” What’s the best caption you can come up with for this photo? Here’s … Continue reading

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Cats: The Perfect Diabetes Service Animal

Today, the second day of Diabetes Blog Week, prompts us to think about petitions for diabetes. (For some context on why this is relevant to the community, read the DiabetesMine article.) I’m not really a big fan of petitions, so … Continue reading

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Swim. Swim. Run.

There’s just no getting around it: Today’s NE Season Opener triathlon was wet. After what felt like the longest time away from triathlon—August’s 70.3 was my most recent—I had been looking forward to this race for quite a while. It … Continue reading

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Let Me See Them Hands

I noticed a trend recently of hands showing up in my photographs from museums. Here are some of my favorites. Do you recognize any of these hands? (Click on any image to enlarge it. You can also start at the … Continue reading

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November through March

I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but I’m going to call winter as over here in New England. It was a long one, but we survived. Here is the proof:

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