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Executing My Plan: 2014 NE Season Opener

I originally wrote this on the 13th . . . of May. Oops! Somewhere between drafting it and adding the pictures, a month passed. Sorry to keep you waiting. I love racing! That’s all there is to it. I’m pretty good (but not … Continue reading

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2014 Boston Marathon in Pictures

It was a beautiful day to watch the marathon—our first real spring day—and it was a fantastic race. There was so much excitement in the crowd at Natick Common—which was bigger than usual—and then (back at my desk) watching Meb … Continue reading

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First Race of the Year

It’s Marathon Monday, the best day of the year. Most years I look forward to this day for weeks. After last year’s emotional day, I’ve been waiting for today for a full year. And it’s finally here! Since then, I … Continue reading

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Slipping into Spring

“Jeff Mather, you are an idiot, and you’re compounding your idiocy with lunacy! Why don’t you just turn around now?” I had a point. There was nothing good to be gained by continuing to run down this flooded, icy trail—the … Continue reading

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Breaking the Logjam

I’d better write something here before y’all forget about me. (If that hasn’t happened already.) Ironman training is going well. Sometimes it’s hard to get all of the hours done. (How do I pad an hour-long strength workout at the … Continue reading

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Runner, Interrupted

There was a great story, Runner, Interrupted, in last month’s Runner’s World about Kenyan/Alaskan runner Marko Cheseto, who was a stand-out collegiate runner before losing both of his feet to frostbite. RW‘s Joe Pugliese writes a compelling article about Cheseto’s … Continue reading

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Céline’s post about medals the other day got me thinking about the subject. (1) I have kept medals from all the events which gave them out. For a while they were being held on the wee, stubby arms of Melvin … Continue reading

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Fun Fun Fun

Fun links apropos nothing at all: Becoming a biathlete — That one’s for you, Alex. Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc — Just in case Ironman gets too easy, it’s nice to have something in reserve. Nothing to see here, Lisa. Nothing … Continue reading

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Shenanigans… Or the one about falling down

A year ago I took a couple of cross-country ski lessons. It had been over twenty years since I skied in high school, and I was never really good at it. Nevertheless, I figured that I could just jump back … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Today is the first Monday of the new year. What better time to restart triathlon training? Actually I was going to restart last week, our first week home after vacation, but I had a strange tightness in my hip, probably … Continue reading

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They called my hair “The Aerofoil”

I’ve been cleaning up and cleaning out recently. While doing that, I came across a paper with my high school running times. It’s kinda fun to look at those results from 1990-91. I started my career as a middle- and … Continue reading

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BayState Marathon

The marathon is long. That’s pretty much the best way that I can describe it. It’s not the longest athletic endeavor I’ve ever done—that would be a half-Ironman—but it was the duration of it that put me off the idea … Continue reading

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Hey, Stranger

“Hey, stranger! How was Germany?” Pat was already standing inside the pool lobby, waiting for Pool Guy to show up and turn on the lights at 5:45AM so that we could get our swim on. I hadn’t been at the … Continue reading

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14 Years, 14 Miles, and No More Diet Coke

Today is a big day. Fourteen years ago today I was diagnosed with diabetes. And this is my 1,000th post here. I. A D-Day Run — Last year, I went trail running on the 13th anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. It was … Continue reading

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This Is Triathlon. It’s What You Do.

I was walking my bike to the shuttle after the the Timberman Ironman 70.3 race yesterday when I had a “moment.” I had just talked briefly with Patricia Brownell‘s husband at her team’s tent. Once again—as seems usual for us—we … Continue reading

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