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March and April Round-up

I workout. A lot. It seems to have become what I do. It all started in 2009 when I started cycling and running again. And then it really ramped up when I started doing triathlons. Now, with Ironman training, I’m … Continue reading

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I Did a Biathlon!

Saturday, I did a biathlon. (That’s skiing and shooting, y’all, not cycling and running. That’s duathlon.) I had not expected to ever do one, but I was enticed by a coworker, and we sort of mutually enabled each other. Lisa … Continue reading

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January and February Round-up

My good friend Céline gives a report each month on her fitnessing. It’s kinda cool, so I decided to do the same thing for myself this year. It’s not a competition; everyone should follow her own plan, listen to what … Continue reading

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I haven’t gone for a long run—longer than an hour, that is—in over a month. It was January 10th, to be exact. It was also my most recent outdoor run. I’ve been doing a lot of shorter distance/duration workouts on … Continue reading

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Super-Fun (and Slow) Ski Time

I am a tired man! I skied for two hours tonight. I’m still not very efficient at it, so I didn’t coverage much distance: 8.7 miles. But, oh mon dieu it was vigorous. Despite my best efforts not to push … Continue reading

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Verticality Rocks!

It’s snowing again. If you’re in New England, you’re probably thinking, “Big shock, right?” Counting today, it’s snowed four or five times in the last nine days. Honestly, I’ve lost track of when the snow came. What I do know … Continue reading

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Ski Report 2015

We have had very little snow here. And it’s been warm. Driving to the ski track on Wednesday everything was winter brown. How would the skiing be? Fortunately, Weston’s snowmakers had plenty of cold temperatures to work with recently, and … Continue reading

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Olympic Ski Report

Have you been watching the Olympics? If not, you’ve really been missing some great events. I confess that I’ve watched the full replays of all the cross-country and biathlon events. There has been so much drama, and it’s too good … Continue reading

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Seen during today’s women’s 15km biathlon.

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Crash, Part Two

Am I Kris Freeman? Nope, pretty sure. Am I in Vancouver, having just watched him go hypoglycemic during an Olympic race? I think this looks like my bedroom. Why would I be in Vancouver? Why wouldn’t I be in Sochi? … Continue reading

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Skiing Around the House

How does one ski in the living room? It looks a bit like this. I didn’t actually use my poles in the living room. Those things are sharp and wouldn’t be too friendly for the rug or hardwood floors. Well … Continue reading

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