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Laugenecken: Yummy laminated pretzel bread

This is a recipe for laugenecken, a laminated, leaven bread with a pretzel-like exterior and fluffy interior. They’re delicious and also really easy to make. Once upon a time, when I used to post dispatches here more than once every … Continue reading

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Lost in Berlin

We had a midday flight returning from Berlin, and I wasn’t ready to be done sight-seeing, so I decided that going for a little run would be a perfect way to take in a bit more of the city. The … Continue reading

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Earlier this month, Lisa and I went to Berlin. Here are few notes from my journal and some photographs, too. 10 October 2014 — We’re having a pretty relaxed time here in Berlin so far. Berlin is interesting . . . in a … Continue reading

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Hey, Stranger

“Hey, stranger! How was Germany?” Pat was already standing inside the pool lobby, waiting for Pool Guy to show up and turn on the lights at 5:45AM so that we could get our swim on. I hadn’t been at the … Continue reading

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M. F. N. Pl. Nominative: der die das die Accusative: den die das die Genitive: des der des der Dative: dem der dem den Nominative: ein eine ein — Accusative: einen eine ein — Genitive: eines einer eines — Dative: … Continue reading

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